Joe Browns Dresses and Pearl Daisy

I had a 70th birthday party to attend recently and ordered 2 Joe Browns dresses from Marisota. I was very happy with my purchases but completely torn as to what dress to pick. This was both my first order from Marisota and my first Joe Browns buy and I have to say I was very pleased with both. As you will see in the pics both are sleeveless and I dont do sleeveless so I made an order from Pearl Daisy, which is owned by the beautiful Amena from Amenakin on Youtube, for sleeves which I wore under the dress. Given red comes in so many shades I decided to go with the green dress as grey would look good with it and I must say it did! While I was on the Pearl Daisy site I bought a couple of the hand daisy chains, one of which I wore to the party. I will definitely buy more  Joe Browns dresses and buy from Pearl Daisy as both have such beautiful products. Now I do have to point out that yes Pearl Daisy is a store aimed for Islamic women but as a Christian I also keep modest and to be quite honest Hijabi ladies have the best scarves!!