So I decided I had had enough of weeds!

I took a bad temper one day and decided to uproot my flower beds and I just got stuck in to it, much to my husbands shock. My flower beds had gotten to the point where I couldn’t have weeded it, digging it all out just was going to be the easier plan, or so I thought.

When I bought my house there was no grass or bedding areas so we just had potted plants to try liven the place up then once day my uncle had a bright idea  that he would make me some flower beds and yea I was completely on board. After my mum passed away we transplanted some of her plants to my house . I have to say that it did look lovely how he had done it but boy oh boy we did have issues with weeds and I had no idea why. I fought with it for a number of years then gave up to the point where one of my neighbours would come in and spray the weeds when I wasn’t around. I can’t blame my husband on any of it because he couldn’t tell a weed from a banana so needless to say my flowers weren’t going to be safe with him.

I decided I had had enough of all this caper and decided I would get this sorted, got advice from my neighbour who was good enough to spray the weeds that my issue was I had no membrane down….smart move Lisa! Well with this new info in hand I dug out my borders and I refused to take any help from my husband when it came to the heavy working which was a seriously bad idea given I have chronic pain and lead to a flair up, I knew this would happen but as soon as I felt better I went straight back to work. It took me the whole of June to do this and that explains where I have been. I shall insert some shots 🙂