EOTD- Eye of the Day

Today I blended a purple and grey together, my favorite for my every day look with a purple eyeliner which is great for making green eyes pop. As you can see my eyelashes aren’t curled here as this was a usual day but I really loved the look of this as this was the first I had used these Makeup Geek colours together and I had to share!



My base is MUG Baby Face which is a lovely matte cream colour. Outer ‘V’ and crease colour is MUG Drama Queen which is a deep purple with micro-glitter. I have taken this above my crease, as I have hooded lids. Inner of the lid is MUG Moondust, a grey satin colour. I have taken this colour up to meet the purple shade on my crease and blended them well together.My brow bone and inner corner highlight are Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in Peach Lights. Liner is Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Delirious.  When purple and grey shades are blended you end up with a grey that differs in depth yet looks to be the same grey. This has been a go of mine for years because I love the depth the purple gives the grey and how it blends out into a lighter grey where the colour has be laid on the inner part of the lid. I used Urban Decay Subversion and Perversion on my lashes.


Peach Lights
Peach Lights
UD Delirious

Hope you can recreate this look if you like it. Link me to some pics on Twitter if you do!!

Lisa xx

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!!

What is everyone doing on this glorious day?! Seems St. Paddy has turned the stone to the warm side and I must say it is more than welcome the way the Northern Irish weather has been of late!!

Saint Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland, which had previously been a pagan country, and it is also said he banished the snakes. He taught about the Holy Trinity using a shamrock. A shamrock has 3 leaves it is one shamrock which is just like the Holy Trinity made up of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit yet they are one entity

There are alot of stories about St. Patrick, here is a link to a few.

Whether or not you use today as a celebration of your Irish heritage or to remember the Saint who brought Christianity to our little isle I hope you have a wonderful day!!

Its Cherry Diva time again!!

Once again I went on Cherry Diva to get 2 things and ended up with 6. I went on to get 2 pairs of gloves I had my eyes on last time but forgot to order then I saw an elephant ring I had to have because I love elephants. After that I saw a necklace called Lissa…I had to even though theres an extra s but it has my name, this was a must guys! Im the person who bought a lipstick with Lisa on the tube without knowing the colour. Actually I bought a bottle of booze once because there was an elephant pic on it and I would be getting a free elephant keyring…maybe I have issues, who knows, but if it has my name or an elephant I will buy it!

The gloves are just beautiful, photos on the site don’t do them justice. The suede ones, my fave detail is the little toggle on the side.

I also got a little bronze feather hair clip to wear when I am wearing a french roll and a pair of purple leopard sunnys because why not?!

Once again everything was spot on, completly love everything. Only one wee problem with a small scratch on the coating of the sunglasses but that might have happened in shipping. I ordered on Sunday and arrived on Tuesday. I am truely in love with this store!!


Silver tribal elephant ring


Black faux fur trimmed suede gloves


Brown knitted fur trimmed fingerless gloves


Bronze feather hair clip


Purple leopard print shades


Lissa layered chain (I couldn’t find this again on the site but will update link if it comes back in stock)

Lisa xx

Keeping dogs busy indoors

I thought this was brilliant. Due to my cronic pain there are days when I cant take Amber (my 5 year old chocolate labrador) for a walk so we do some of these things instead and my daughter also plays with her. Living in Northern Ireland the weather is so changeable its not always suitable to walk so we would play on the stairs, I throw her toy up the stairs and she retrieves it from the top and same if im at the top. Reading this I saw something I’d never thought of, teaching your dog to tidy. This would be so handy and if the dog can learn to tidy just maybe my daughter would be able to learn too 😂😂.
Hope this gives you some ideas for indoor play with your best pal.


My top foundations

I have to apologise from the off on this one, only 1 isn’t a high end brand. These are foundations I do love the most and get used either regularly or for specific things.

Before I go any further I would like to give you the update on Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation. I HATE it. It didn’t last on me at all, my BB cream lasts longer! I tried it with MANY primers, oh so many primers, ranging over a wide spectrum of prices but alas the foundation wasn’t for me at all. I have since gave it to my friends 17 year old daughter who was more than happy to get something that she couldn’t buy for herself, actually she loves when I have a makeup clear out because she gets the most of what I ditch and being honest I’d rather it go to her than the bin. I would like to include Revlon Colorstay in with this, not because I hate it but I can’t decide how I feel about it. It is meant to be a dupe for Estee Lauder Double Wear but I just don’t see it. I had bought 150 Buff for normal/dry skin and I do think I liked it but when I bought the new packaging that came out at the start of the month I have seen it do nothing but cling to my dry patches even when I am well moisturised, exfoliated and have a good primer on. I am starting to think the formula has been altered but I shall see. What I will say is kudos on the new packaging, at long last Revlon has taken note of the peoples voices and finally put a pump on their bottles! Woohoo! Now the next step is trying to figure out if the issue is the formula or my skin!!

So…moving along from that, lets get into the favourites.

I am actually staring at the bottles trying to decide who to put first as I refuse to have them feel any of them are any better or worse than the others…yes, yes I know I am crazy, foundations don’t have feelings. Maybe I should start with my most worn, yes that’s what I’ll do then none of them can complain to me at any point (I really am THAT crazy).

Ok, so every day I use either my Garnier BB Creme + Blur in light or Estee Lauder Double Wear Light in Intensity 1.0. Both are very light coverage, my freckles are visible through both. The Double Wear Light does last longer than the BB creme but I have to say the BB is a good cheaper alternative. I apply the BB with my fingers and the  Double Wear Light with either fingers or brush depending on how much time I have or coverage I want.

Coverage wise the Dior Diorskin Forever would be light to medium depending on how you apply it, although I’d say it is buildable to full coverage however I have not tried. I do love this foundation, when it is on it looks amazing, however its not the longest lasting in the world.  I am very fond of it and never intend to not have it in my collection. I wear shade 010. It has an SPF of 25 and I know that with the Instagram craze at the moment everyone is worried about ‘flashback’ or ‘white cast’, I am not one of those people. I say SPF is good.


If I have a party (I’m not talking crazy disco all night jazz – thats not me) and need ‘bullet proof’ foundation I will ALWAYS reach for Estee Lauder Double Wear. I wear the shade 1N1 Ivory Nude. It has an SPF of 10. It photographs beautiful and is one I highly recommend for photos. People do have an issue with the fact it has no pump however the MAC pump fits perfectly, as you will see in my images below. The wear time on this foundation is amazing and it is full coverage. Lets flash back to the party I wore it too, I applied it with a damp sponge at 3pm, as that’s when I started getting ready, we left the party at about 11pm and I did dance with the kids and sweat quite a bit. By the time I got my daughter to bed I just about got undressed and my contacts out when I fell asleep. I have never in my life, that I can remember, slept with makeup on. the next morning my makeup was still perfect, false lashes were still in tact so I must not have moved much (morning photo.) I got washed up and left the makeup on as I was too tired to take it off and reapply some more. That makeup lasted basically 24hrs and was put well to the test.


Now we are getting to a foundation I used to wear every single day from it came out until I became a mother and was too tired to care about makeup and hair plus when you become a mother your money seems to just become nappies, baby clothes, washing powder, formula……   where was I? Oh yes, Dior Airflash. When it first came out I was in the shade 200 however I now buy 100, I am not sure if this is due to when they added more shades they moved shade 200 to the lightest or if its that I am just lighter now. This is the foundation I put on when I want to feel flawless and I mean FLAW-LESS! I do not believe there is an SPF in this foundation. Firstly let me tell you it is not a liquid, it is a spray. I spray it directly on to my face then pat it on or spray it onto a brush and buff it in, depends on what coverage I want really. This stuff is really buildable and even when it is just light coverage your pores are gone *POOF* its like Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother pinged her wand on your face. It’s like you’re you but only you know what’s different when people think its your skin care routine. This stuff is amazing.


Ok so I have rambled on and we are all old and gray now but that is it….well almost! I didn’t include mineral foundations as at the moment my skin is so dehydrated they just are not working for me. HOWEVER I have to say I do love them. When I am wearing mineral foundation I alternate between Bare Minerals and Avon, both are amazing and it depends on your budget. I would advise anyone who hasn’t used mineral foundation before to give the Avon one a go, you’ll be a convert!

I now need a cup of tea and maybe watch some Pretty Little Liars on Netflix….no idea what took me until now to discover this show.

Lisa xx



Dealing with P.M.T.

This is a little impromptu post coming at you from my phone. Mother nature has struck me down and I thought I would talk about it. Not in the T.M.I. way but more so in the way that if you are someone who it hits hard and need some advice or even just want to say ‘I’m glad its not just me!!’ then this is for you.

First of all sisters, seriously I am with you if you are in the same boat.
I actually suffer from menorrhagia (heavy flow) and very severe pain so therefore I am on the pill, infact I was hospitalised at 13 and put on it so other than when I was trying to conveive I have been on the pill from 13 or other forms of hormonal contraception. I do still suffer from pain and so on but I am able to function, unlike before.

So anyways, back to ways to help you deal. First of all I want to point out I am not a doctor so I am only giving advice as to what works for me and friends of mine.

First of all a good way to help with pain is exercise. Oh yes, unfortunatly this one works and I am well aware that the last thing we are interested in at this time of the month is exercise. Even you just take a walk it will help.
Cut out caffeine. Again I am aware we need our caffeine but this will also help with cramps and your temper and if like me you have children you want to try keep that temper in check…not easy most days, apparently women are known for their bad tempers!
I am more of a savory person than a sweet person so to stop me from over eating when I am feeling rubbish I buy my treats the previous week so that I am not compelled to over eat once it hits. If buying chocolate I buy dairy free and individually wrapped pieces so I dont overeat. I cant face buying a big bar of chocolate because we all know if the chocolate is there we will eat the whole bar in 2 mins flat.
I take flaxseed oil along with my multivitamin and that has made an improvement on my skin but when a horrid big zit decides to show up I put Origins Super Spot Remover on and it helps big time although I also like witch hazel, tea tree oil or aloe vera for spots.
You can get stick on heat packs for your back or stomach if you need them and they are well worth the money.
Drink water, water and more water. I know you are likely sitting reading this thinking, ‘Lisa I am bloated enough without adding to it’,  but you are bloated due to fluid retention and to help with that drink water to flush you out.
Pamper yourself! Facemask and a good girly movie along with some herbal tea and a hot water bottle. A lavander room spray helps me relax also.
This one is contriversial but a bath helps too. Some lavander oil in the bath water and massage your stomach while in the bath will help ease pain.

Today for the first time in about 6 months I was doubled over with cramps, this is the first in I dont know how long that I ventured from how I usually deal with P.M.T. but I do have to say that so far my mood has been ok.

I hope you find this helpful! I want to tell you a little story about last month my need for crisps was awful and I was out with my daughter so headed into the health shop to get Lentil Crisps. The girls in the shop asked did I need help but I didnt so just told her I was only after crisps. My 8 year old piped up ‘Oh its her time of the month!’ I went bright red and the sales assistant doubled over laughing. (I want to point out she has no idea what that means). A few days ago I was in the same shop and the girl came up and asked where my daughter was and started laughing again….Ah well, I’ll remember on her 18th to share this with her friends!!

Love Lisa xx

Crowd Colour customisable palettes

In January I received an email that Beauty Crowd were going to launch Crowd Colour by doing a kickstarter for magnetic palettes, like the Z Palette, that you could customise the outside of the palette. In my backing, which was £35, I would receive 1 large, 1 medium and 1 small palette and a bonus customisable lipstick were they to meet their target. There was other amounts that you could give and what you received reflected the tier you chose. Their target was more than met, there are a lot of folks out there who would love to be able to not just customise the shadows in their palette but to make the outside completely their own also.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Z Palette/magnetic palettes they are great for making customised palettes. If you buy MAC, Makeup Geek…whatever else eye shadows or blushers out there are sold only in the pan then these palettes are what you need to store your pans. You can also depot eye shadow from a palette that you have bought and if the back isn’t suitable for these pans you can buy a sticker for the back. A magnetic palette really is a fantastic product to own, especially if you travel then you don’t have to carry all your shadows/blushers/highlighters with you. Here is the How To from Colour Crowd.

I got an email with all the info on how to redeem the palettes on the 20th February however I didn’t get round to it and didn’t order until Tuesday of this week (8th March). They arrived today – Thursday (10th March).

On the lipstick bullet I just put my name. They didn’t have the colour available that I would have liked but given it took me far too long to order I really shouldn’t have expected any to be available. I have not included a photograph as it was for backers only.

The small palette is the exact size of the small Z Palette, I have photographed them side by side. I do believe medium and large are the same size as the z palette in medium and large also however I don’t own them.

I have inserted photos of the Crowd Colour palettes however the large one will only be shown from the back as it is a collage of photos of my daughter and nephews, I’m sure you can understand my reason for this. The medium is a photo of a waterfall that I took for a photo competition back in October and the small is a photo I posted on here back in June of my husband, daughter and myself but I converted it into black and white. You can add text to your palette also so for the small one I wrote ‘All you need is love…. and makeup!’

To compare these with the Z Palette the Colour Crowd have a mirror, which is already going to make me more likely to buy it. The Z Palette however does have a clear window and therefore if you have multiples of the same then you can see your colours without having to open. I love the customisable aspect of the Colour Crowd version and to be honest they do feel slightly more sturdy than my Z Palette although I have had it for a while so maybe its just because its well used and the new ones will go the same way. Cost wise the main difference can be seen between the small palettes. The Small Crowd Colour palette £11 v’s the Small Z Palette  which is £8.95. Medium Crowd Colour is £14 v’s Medium Z Palette which is £14.95. Lastly we have the Large Crowd Colour which is £16 v’s the Large Z Palette which is £15.95. Crowd Colour delivery is £2.90 for an order under £20 and free for orders over £20. Beauty Bay delivery is £1.95 for orders under £15 on 2 days tracked postage and free for orders over £15.

When they arrived my husband took a nosey and let a yell out of him that there were no shadows inside. The daft sod hasn’t a clue! See trying to have him understand that they were good value for what they are was just a pain in the arse. In the end he just grunted that its Vistaprint for makeup….’Ok hunny if thats how you understand it then thats fine’. I didn’t actually say that but you know that when you’re in that kind of situation you just want to come out with something sarcastic like that. Ain’t marriage wonderful 🙂

Anyhow, here are the palettes. If I were you I would definitely get them, especially if you love to make things that are personal to you!

New pair of Skechers

I have had a long standing relationship with Skechers, they are my favourite shoes of all time. Reciently we got a Sketchers store locally and I was instantly over the moon. Second week of February I decided I needed a new pair of pumps for the spring and bought the Sweetpea in Black from the Flex range with Memory Foam. I am in between sizes and had to buy a size 5 when I generally wear a size 6 because I was falling out of the size 6. The memory foam gives an amazing support to my arches, which are dropped, and its fantastic as I generally have to wear arch supports in my footwear. These puppies are wonderful and I am so looking forward to getting more wear out of them. If you get a chance to try them on in a store local to yourself go in and try them on, they sell themselves! Down to the nitty gritty, they cost £49.00 but the day I bought them I took out a card for points with the store (which I believe is for the V.I.P. Club) and received 10% discount for signing up.

I copied this description  from the Sketchers website:

Women’s EZ Flex 2 – Sweetpea Ballet Flats

Supreme comfort and fun style mix it up in the SKECHERS EZ Flex 2 – Sweet Pea shoe. Soft woven crochet fabric and soft suede upper in a slip on casual comfort ballet flat with stitching accents and Memory Foam insole.


  • Soft woven crocheted openwork fabric upper
  • Fine mesh fabric underlay
  • Soft suede overlays at toe and heel
  • Slip on casual comfort ballet flat design
  • Stitching accents
  • Pretty floral crocheted designs for visual appeal
  • SKECHERS logo on heel panel
  • Stitched fabric collar trim
  • Memory Foam full length cushioned removable comfort insole
  • Shock absorbing flexible lightweight midsole
  • EZ Flex super flexible rubber traction outsole


I made very good friends with Superdrug Blister Plasters as while I have been getting used to these shoes I have been getting blisters, which isn’t abnormal for me. They cost £3.99 for the 5 where as Compeed cost £4.99 for 5 and to be truthful I do think that the Superdrug version is better when it comes to their sticking power. I find that the Compeed blister plasters I have to replace them every day where as I can wear the Superdrug ones for at least 3 days and I have wore them while showering. They are exceptionally comfortable, also, I never notice them on.

Lisa x