Been in Malta

Ok so I’ve been away for 2 weeks or so but purely because I was in Malta and circumstances didn’t allow for me to get posts scheduled before I left. At some point when I get pics edited I will post some and possibly do a post on the trip however I’ve been there so many times this wasn’t a sightseeing touristy holiday, I spent most of my time working on taking pictures.
I took really bad with my pains one night we were out for a meal and all I remember is someone saying I had gone pale and after that nothing for 2 days so that was a shame but other than that it was very nice.
I did get the new Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palette, that was their colab with British Beauty Blogger, just before I left and was intending to do a different eye look for each day while I was away and I never even used the palette…ah well!
Just wanted to touch base and let everyone know I’m still here 🙂
Hope everyone has had a nice Easter and can’t wait to get back on the blogging train!!

Lisa xx