Benefit Brow Bar

Ok so I want to point out that from I was training in beauty, oh lets say 15 years ago, I have been exceptionally PETRIFIED to have anyone touch my brows as so many scary things happened during training – I lost half a brow once!

I have been shaping and tinting my own brows all this time and about 10 weeks ago decided to go for my first experience at the Benefit Brow Bar. Right up until 5 minutes before I left my house I was for not turning up, no cancellation no nothing but I sucked it up and drove to my destination shaking like a leaf. I spoke to the girl, told her my concerns and she talked me through every stage keeping me exceptionally comfortable the whole time.

Yesterday was my 3rd appointment with the same girl and we were laughing about how scared I was my first time and how nervous I had made her. I am loving the whole experience because I don’t go for facials, mani/pedi or anything else so its nice just to have that wee feeling of pampering.

This month Benefit are giving away a free Gimme Brow (worth £18.50) with every tint and wax. The profit of the treatment is being donated to Bold is Beautiful. Bold is Beautiful support charities for women, one for women with cancer and another for women and children involved in domestic violence. On 8th May the Bold is Beautiful March will take place on the streets of London, why not sign up today and join this worthy cause!

I felt this was the best time to do a review of the Benefit Brow Bar as the profit of every wax and tint is going towards this project and you get a free gift. Search here for your local store and book your appointment at your local Benefit Brow Bar.

Lisa xx

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