Warning! Don’t prank your kids!!

So my husband went to work and I was up stairs. Decided to skype my 8yr old daughter’s tablet and ask how she was managing alone in the house. She went on to tell me how amazing it was going to be and how it would be the best day ever however I wouldn’t understand because I’m married…Ooookaaay, delusional child! I was killing myself laughing when I hung up and next thing heard her running round the house singing about being home alone. She ran up the stairs singing, comes into my room, sees me and screams! Funny right?! Nope!! Because I went down stairs to make lunch and I see she has stuck a sign in the window telling everyone she is home alone and put her name to it. Absolute parenting fail! Thankfully it was only 5 minutes and my neighbours are fantastic but we did sit down and discuss how that was irresponsible and went on to talk about how to behave if, in the future, she was home alone. 

The point of this post, much as we know to do this, is to teach kids about being home alone long before you intend to leave them because something like what happened in my house could happen in your house. I have no notion of leaving my daughter at home for a long long time but seems I either shouldn’t have pranked her or should have had the discussion before doing this.

Needless to say that much as I do prank my family alot that this was one of the dumber ideas I have had!! 

First day back to school

So kids have been off for 2 months, mummys head has been put astray and today its over for another year and I feel lost! Anyone else feel the same?! The house is empty and not starting my new job until monday….its just so strange! Spent the past 2 months going ‘Pick that up!!’, ‘Turn off that ipad/ds/whatever else!!’ then this morning I get woken exceptionally early to a little voice saying ‘Mummy can you please tie my tie?’ and suddenly I realised summer is over. There was an autumnal breeze coming in the window, my beautiful girl up and dressed 2 hrs too early for school and I realised it was all over in a blink of an eye and I never noticed the time pass. Only my new boss is off today, I nearly rang her asking if I could come in today for a few hours. 

Decided to go and buy a couple of tops from Tesco so I could at least spend some time not sobbing over the empty house then when I came home and finished tending to the animals I once again realised I was alone. 

The summer in Northern Ireland has been non existant and the few days we did have I was recovering from treatment on my neck so feel awful that we didn’t get to do alot this summer. Normally we go camping, head away to Southern Ireland for my birthday, spend every day possible taking trips around National Trust sites and come this year we didn’t get to do very much in comparison to other summers. 

I get it, I sound like I am being so melencholy but I miss my daughter and have 2 hours til I can go lift her from school and there for I will mope and wine and yap and moan and if you don’t like it then thats fine but I’m quite sure the stay at home mummies out there are having a shock to the system today! If you are feeling the shock be it in a good way or bad way then I just want you to know you aren’t alone on your feelings!!

Book reviews

Ok so yes I am well aware I am a rubbish blogger, I have no delusions when it comes to this! I happen to be one of those people that when something impacts my life it affects all aspects of it but other than my family and photography the other constant in my life is books. I joined Goodreads a while a go and have just reviewed my first book on there and thought maybe I should share the reviews on a blog. So I have one set up and no, its not perfect yet but it is a working progress so lets see how it turns out!

You can find me over at Rambling Lisa’s Book Reviews . Hopefully I post there more often than I have been posting here!!

I do, however, have a review coming up of the new Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude foundation….hopefully that happens sooner rather than later. I have also recently bought the Urban Decay Moondust palette and their Vice XX palette also so please keep an eye out for reviews of them!

Benefit Brow Bar

Ok so I want to point out that from I was training in beauty, oh lets say 15 years ago, I have been exceptionally PETRIFIED to have anyone touch my brows as so many scary things happened during training – I lost half a brow once!

I have been shaping and tinting my own brows all this time and about 10 weeks ago decided to go for my first experience at the Benefit Brow Bar. Right up until 5 minutes before I left my house I was for not turning up, no cancellation no nothing but I sucked it up and drove to my destination shaking like a leaf. I spoke to the girl, told her my concerns and she talked me through every stage keeping me exceptionally comfortable the whole time.

Yesterday was my 3rd appointment with the same girl and we were laughing about how scared I was my first time and how nervous I had made her. I am loving the whole experience because I don’t go for facials, mani/pedi or anything else so its nice just to have that wee feeling of pampering.

This month Benefit are giving away a free Gimme Brow (worth £18.50) with every tint and wax. The profit of the treatment is being donated to Bold is Beautiful. Bold is Beautiful support charities for women, one for women with cancer and another for women and children involved in domestic violence. On 8th May the Bold is Beautiful March will take place on the streets of London, why not sign up today and join this worthy cause!

I felt this was the best time to do a review of the Benefit Brow Bar as the profit of every wax and tint is going towards this project and you get a free gift. Search here for your local store and book your appointment at your local Benefit Brow Bar.

Lisa xx

Been in Malta

Ok so I’ve been away for 2 weeks or so but purely because I was in Malta and circumstances didn’t allow for me to get posts scheduled before I left. At some point when I get pics edited I will post some and possibly do a post on the trip however I’ve been there so many times this wasn’t a sightseeing touristy holiday, I spent most of my time working on taking pictures.
I took really bad with my pains one night we were out for a meal and all I remember is someone saying I had gone pale and after that nothing for 2 days so that was a shame but other than that it was very nice.
I did get the new Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palette, that was their colab with British Beauty Blogger, just before I left and was intending to do a different eye look for each day while I was away and I never even used the palette…ah well!
Just wanted to touch base and let everyone know I’m still here 🙂
Hope everyone has had a nice Easter and can’t wait to get back on the blogging train!!

Lisa xx

EOTD- Eye of the Day

Today I blended a purple and grey together, my favorite for my every day look with a purple eyeliner which is great for making green eyes pop. As you can see my eyelashes aren’t curled here as this was a usual day but I really loved the look of this as this was the first I had used these Makeup Geek colours together and I had to share!



My base is MUG Baby Face which is a lovely matte cream colour. Outer ‘V’ and crease colour is MUG Drama Queen which is a deep purple with micro-glitter. I have taken this above my crease, as I have hooded lids. Inner of the lid is MUG Moondust, a grey satin colour. I have taken this colour up to meet the purple shade on my crease and blended them well together.My brow bone and inner corner highlight are Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in Peach Lights. Liner is Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Delirious.  When purple and grey shades are blended you end up with a grey that differs in depth yet looks to be the same grey. This has been a go of mine for years because I love the depth the purple gives the grey and how it blends out into a lighter grey where the colour has be laid on the inner part of the lid. I used Urban Decay Subversion and Perversion on my lashes.


Peach Lights
Peach Lights
UD Delirious

Hope you can recreate this look if you like it. Link me to some pics on Twitter if you do!!

Lisa xx

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!!

What is everyone doing on this glorious day?! Seems St. Paddy has turned the stone to the warm side and I must say it is more than welcome the way the Northern Irish weather has been of late!!

Saint Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland, which had previously been a pagan country, and it is also said he banished the snakes. He taught about the Holy Trinity using a shamrock. A shamrock has 3 leaves it is one shamrock which is just like the Holy Trinity made up of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit yet they are one entity

There are alot of stories about St. Patrick, here is a link to a few.

Whether or not you use today as a celebration of your Irish heritage or to remember the Saint who brought Christianity to our little isle I hope you have a wonderful day!!

Its Cherry Diva time again!!

Once again I went on Cherry Diva to get 2 things and ended up with 6. I went on to get 2 pairs of gloves I had my eyes on last time but forgot to order then I saw an elephant ring I had to have because I love elephants. After that I saw a necklace called Lissa…I had to even though theres an extra s but it has my name, this was a must guys! Im the person who bought a lipstick with Lisa on the tube without knowing the colour. Actually I bought a bottle of booze once because there was an elephant pic on it and I would be getting a free elephant keyring…maybe I have issues, who knows, but if it has my name or an elephant I will buy it!

The gloves are just beautiful, photos on the site don’t do them justice. The suede ones, my fave detail is the little toggle on the side.

I also got a little bronze feather hair clip to wear when I am wearing a french roll and a pair of purple leopard sunnys because why not?!

Once again everything was spot on, completly love everything. Only one wee problem with a small scratch on the coating of the sunglasses but that might have happened in shipping. I ordered on Sunday and arrived on Tuesday. I am truely in love with this store!!


Silver tribal elephant ring


Black faux fur trimmed suede gloves


Brown knitted fur trimmed fingerless gloves


Bronze feather hair clip


Purple leopard print shades


Lissa layered chain (I couldn’t find this again on the site but will update link if it comes back in stock)

Lisa xx